Advice for having a cosmetic dental procedure done for the first time

Posted on: 3 December 2015

One of the areas that people are most self-conscious about is their teeth. Whether they are crooked, overcrowded, in poor condition or discoloured, there are many different problems that people experience with their teeth.  

There are many different procedures that people can have done in order to fix these problems; however, it can be a daunting process if you have never gone through one before. However, once you are dealing with a reputable cosmetic dentist that has a good track record, you will be in safe hands.

There are a number of factors that you will need to consider before going ahead with the procedures. Here is some advice that will help you through that decision process.

Know exactly what end result you want

When you want to have a cosmetic dental procedure completed, you will have a picture in your head as to what you want the finished product to look like. This may be seeing yourself having sparkling white teeth, or no longer have crooked incisors.

Whatever you goal is, you need to share it with the dentist by specifying in clear terms what it is you want, as they cannot read your mind. A handy way of expressing yourself is by showing them pictures of what exactly you want changed and what you want the teeth to look like when the procedure has been completed.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a miscommunication with the dentist, who thought you wanted one thing, when actually wanted another.

A handy way, in which you can make sure that the dentist is capable of producing the job that you want, is to ask them to show you before and after photos of patients that they have worked on for the same procedure. You will be able to see the quality of their work and you can put your mind at ease.

Make sure that your teeth have been well prepared

Before you have the procedure done, you should take a wax mould of your teeth in their current form. You then should have a wax-up completed for what your teeth will look like after the procedure is completed. You can visually compare the two different sets of teeth, making sure that you are happy with what will be done. This is the time to discuss any necessary tweaks or additional changes that need to be done.