When You Want Whitening but Get Translucency Instead: Why Too Much Whitening Turns Teeth Translucent

Posted on: 20 November 2017

Some people like to whiten their own teeth at home. Whitening kits allow them the freedom to do that. However, if these kits are not used responsibly, you could be doing more harm than good. If you use too much gel or whiten your teeth too often, you will find that, though your teeth may turn white, the natural translucency of your teeth will also be exaggerated.

If you wish to whiten your teeth at home using whitening trays, keep the following tips in mind regarding the translucency of your teeth.

Whitening Increases Existing Translucency

It is natural for teeth, especially young teeth, to be translucent around the edges. This translucency is often more apparent at the biting edge of a tooth. The degree of translucency varies from person to person, and this can be used as a gauge when judging how much whitening is needed.

If your teeth are already very translucent around the edges and you wish to whiten them further, do so at a pace that allows you to avoid exaggerating the translucency too much. The great thing about whitening trays is that you decide the pace at which you whiten your teeth. It might be good to start with 30 minutes a day, for two weeks, for someone with especially translucent teeth.

Tray Whitening Slowly Fades Over Time

The good thing about whitening trays is that they whiten gradually, allowing you to tweak and change things as you go. If, for example, you have whitened your teeth to the extent that your incisors are now overly translucent, you can stop and wait for the effects to fade.

In as little as a week or two, the whiteness will fade slightly, along with the translucency.

Custom Trays from Your Dentist Are Better

You can achieve optimal results by purchasing custom made whitening trays from your dentist. After examining your teeth, your dentist can then decide how much whitening will be most appropriate for your teeth. If your teeth are especially translucent, they will help you to avoid making the translucency worse by deciding on an appropriate whitening schedule.

The key when using trays is to do so slowly and gradually. That way, you can avoid damaging your gums and teeth and make slight adjustments if need be. If you are worried about the translucency of your teeth, in-office teeth whitening might be the best option for you. Your dentist will be able to tailor your treatment to suit your specific needs.