Too old for tooth braces? Think again

Posted on: 21 August 2018

Tooth braces aren't just for children. More and more adults are opting to have their teeth straightened. However, you may still feel that this treatment is just for teenagers. What are the objections to wearing braces as an adult?


The ideal age for wearing braces is around 10 to 14—after the adult teeth have come through but while the jaw and teeth are still growing. But this doesn't mean the treatment will not work on older people. Braces use the body's regenerative ability to break down the bone around the teeth and re-grow new bone in the new position. This process will happen at any age.

They look childish

Everyone probably had a school friend who had to wear a metal 'train track' across their teeth. But braces are becoming increasingly common among adults who are prepared to put up with a 'metal smile' for a short period in exchange for a perfect one for the rest of their lives. Also, braces are not nearly so intrusive these days. Even traditional metal braces are more discreet than they used to be, and there are other types of braces that are not so obvious. Ceramic braces can be made the same colour of your teeth and are more difficult to detect; lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth where they cannot be seen, and clear aligners can be used that are almost invisible.

Adults aren't obsessed with their appearance

Perhaps teenagers are more vain, but adults know well the importance of looking at their best. An attractive smile is a huge advantage at interviews and dates and will help to present a confident persona. And adults who have their teeth straightened usually report an improvement in their self-esteem—a key ingredient in improving your quality of life.

It's too late to help

Perhaps you missed out on dental treatment as a child, and now have problems with your bite, or with reaching parts of your teeth for cleaning. It's simply never too late to deal with problems like this, and the results could be crucial for your future oral health.

If you're one of the many adults who could benefit from teeth straightening, don't be put off by any of the above objections. Talk to your dentist about adult braces. They'll help you decide on a style, and you could be on the first step to a more confident and healthier life.