What Are The Benefits Of Overdentures?

Posted on: 20 September 2022

If you've decided to replace all your teeth with full dentures, then you don't have to use traditional sets of false teeth. Some people can use overdentures instead.

How do overdentures work? Why should you consider wearing these dentures rather than regular ones?

What Are Overdentures?

In some ways, overdentures are the same as regular dentures. They look the same, and you get a full set of top and bottom false teeth to replace your natural teeth. You can also take overdentures out when you need to clean them or give your gums and mouth a rest.

However, overdentures work differently. Traditionally, full dentures use suction to sit in your mouth. When you put an arch of teeth in, they attach to moist areas on your gums and soft tissues. They create a suction seal that holds them in place.

Overdentures have a fixed attachment. They don't use suction to stay in place.

Here, your dentist inserts specialist implant posts into your jawbone at key points on your top and bottom dental arches. Your dentures also have special connectors on their base at points that match your implant post positions.

When you put your dentures in, their attachments click on to your implant posts. The posts hold your teeth in place until you want to take them out. To do this, you simply pull them up to unclick them.

Why Use Overdentures?

While regular suction-based dentures work well for many people, they do have downsides. For example, your false teeth are never completely secure.

These dentures can come loose if your mouth gets too dry; they might move around when you eat. You can also develop sores if your sets rub against your soft tissues too much because they aren't secured in place.

The fit of your dentures sometimes changes as they, and you, get older. Your facial structure usually changes as you age, and your dentures might lose some of their original fit.

While you can use denture adhesives to give you a more secure fit, this won't completely solve the problem. Eventually, you might need to replace your teeth to get a better fit.

Overdentures don't have these problems. Your implant posts hold the dentures steady. They won't move around or slip off your gums. You'll find it easier to eat and you'll feel more confident wearing false teeth. You can still remove your dentures to clean them or rest your mouth.

Plus, the posts won't move over the years. They'll always connect to your dentures in the same places. So, you won't have to worry about age-related changes and your dentures will last for longer.

To find out more about these and other overdenture benefits, talk to a denture clinic such as Kurrajong Denture Clinic.