Making New Complete Dentures Last as Long as Possible

Posted on: 18 January 2023

Complete dentures are a permanent solution for your missing permanent teeth. You'll always need to wear dentures, but will you always be able to wear the same set? By making the right choices when planning your new dental appliance (along with taking proper care of it), you can make your complete dentures last.

Cast-Metal Framework

Most dentures are made entirely of acrylic materials, but some only have an acrylic coating which conceals more durable materials. Dentures can be made of a cast-metal framework. This framework forms the upper and lower denture bases, and the metal is then coated in resin. This resin is pink to mimic the colour of your gum tissues.

Increased Fracture Resistance

The completed denture bases will look just like one made entirely from acrylic materials, but the metal framework will give them increased fracture resistance. In the unfortunate event of your dentures experiencing an accident, they're more likely to remain intact. If the acrylic portion fractures, it can often be patched, with the metal framework remaining undamaged. This differs from acrylic dentures, which if fractured, need more extensive repairs (or total replacement).

Prosthetic Teeth

An accident may not just damage the denture base. The prosthetic teeth attached to it can also be damaged, and these can be made of either acrylic or porcelain materials. Both will fracture if dropped with sufficient force, but acrylic teeth will be less expensive to replace. However, porcelain teeth can more accurately mimic the look of natural teeth and can maintain their colour for longer.

Keeping Their Colour

Acrylic teeth may discolour before their porcelain equivalents, giving porcelain the edge in how long the teeth can last before needing replacement. But porcelain will still eventually discolour, so your dentures should be stored overnight in an appropriate cleansing solution, which will help your prosthetic teeth to maintain their appearance over the years.

Maintaining a Good Fit

Dentures will not effectively maintain their fit over the years—no matter what they're made from. The surface of the living tissues in your mouth (your oral mucosa) changes over the years. This changing outline means that dentures will have difficulty maintaining suction in your mouth, and will become increasingly loose. This can be overcome with denture relining, which is just the addition of an ultra-thin layer of new resin to your upper and lower denture bases. It helps them fit and extends their service life.

With some strategic choices in the planning stages, and with proper care and maintenance, your new set of complete dentures should be as permanent as a dental appliance can be. 

For more info about full dentures, contact a local dentist.