Why Your Gums Are Grey Around Your New Dental Implants

Posted on: 2 December 2019

When you finally get to use your new dental implants to eat and smile, this should be a time of celebration, not of concern. However, if your gums around your new dental implants are grey, you may be worried -- but you shouldn't be. This is a common phenomenon. Moreover, despite how hopeless the situation may appear, you can remedy the situation in several ways. The answer to your problem depends on the cause.
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Do Dentists Recommend Low-Carb Diets?

Posted on: 28 October 2019

Low-carb diets are popular among those who want to lose weight, but can they also benefit your dental health? Take a look at how low-carb diets affect three common dental issues. 1. Gum Disease Some research suggests that low-carb diets can be helpful for reducing inflammation in the gums. Dentists recommend that patients at high risk of gum disease eat a healthy diet that limits sugar, honey, and processed grains, as these high-glycemic carbohydrates break down quickly in the mouth and feed the bacteria that cause gum inflammation.
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Two reasons why a dentist might ask a patient to remove their tongue piercing jewellery

Posted on: 15 September 2019

Most people who have tongue piercings prefer not to remove the jewellery that they wear in them, as doing so can result in the piercing closing up. However, if a person with this type of piercing needs to go for dental treatment, their dentist might ask them to remove their piercing jewellery before the appointment. Here are two specific reasons why dentists sometimes need to make this request: Because they need to x-ray the patient's mouth
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Signs You Need a Denture Repair

Posted on: 12 July 2019

If you are new to wearing false teeth, then it may not be immediately obvious that you need a denture repair. In most cases, a set of dentures will last for up to seven years before they have to be replaced. However, many false teeth wearers will find that they require some sort of repair before then. A broken denture repair is certainly preferable to a completely new set of false teeth because it is cheaper.
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