5 Things You Should Do to Prevent Your Tongue Bar Impacting Your Oral Health

Posted on: 9 November 2016

Dentists generally advise against wearing tongue bars since they can cause damage to the teeth. Be that as it may, everyone has a right to express themselves; if you're committed to wearing your tongue bar, just make sure you also commit to proper oral care. Here are 5 easy things you should take care of to help prevent your tongue bar from impacting your oral health. 1. Use a Shorter Bar
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The Various Uses of Dental Crowns

Posted on: 19 October 2016

In some cases of tooth repair, the best form of treatment to consider would be the placement of dental crowns. These dental crowns are made from an array of materials with the most popular being porcelain. Nevertheless, you can also have your dental crowns made from gold alloys, silver alloys and even composite materials. Tooth restorations through the use of dental crowns work to provide optimal functionality to the tooth while also enhancing the appearance of the tooth.
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Why Is Your Child Scared of the Tooth Fairy?

Posted on: 28 September 2016

While most kids would happily remove their own teeth early to speed up a visit from the Tooth Fairy, some kids just aren't happy with the whole pay-for-a-tooth concept. Why are some kids scared of the Tooth Fairy and what can you do about it? Typical Tooth Fairy Fears Some kids are simply frightened by the whole Tooth Fairy concept. For example, your child may not like the idea that a supernatural being can come into their bedroom while they are asleep.
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Oral Hygiene and Braces: What Your Child Needs to Know About Keeping Them Clean

Posted on: 14 September 2016

New braces take a bit of getting used to. When your child first gets braces, it's important that they quickly get used to cleaning them properly, which requires a different approach than cleaning teeth without braces. Orthodontics can be a significant investment and you need to ensure that your child does everything they can to keep their teeth clean and healthy while the braces work their magic. So what are some things that your child needs to learn when it comes to keeping their teeth clean while wearing braces?
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