A Covert Crack: What Is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Posted on: 8 March 2022

Some conditions which affect the body have names that might be confusing to anyone without medical training. Have you heard of abetalipoproteinemia (when your body can't absorb fat)? What about tropical sprue (an inflammation affecting the small intestine)? And then there are conditions with names that are entirely self-explanatory, such as cracked tooth syndrome. As you've probably guessed, this involves a crack in your tooth. The syndrome has its own classification, as it differs from the more common fractures that a tooth may experience.
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How to Manage the Cost of Your Dental Care

Posted on: 22 December 2021

Receiving a high standard of dental care throughout your lifetime is obviously important. However, good dental care can represent a significant financial commitment. On one hand, you get what you pay for. On the other hand, there are some ways to manage the cost of your dental care without compromising the standard of service you'll receive. Insurance Perhaps it seems like a contradiction, but you can save money on dental care by spending money on an appropriate dental insurance policy.
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Strategies for Keeping Your Child Calm Before a Dental Appointment

Posted on: 3 November 2021

Does your child have a fear of the dentist? If they do, they're not alone. Many children and adults struggle with anxiety before they go to the dentist. Despite this, maintaining regular appointments is crucial if they want to enjoy long-lasting oral health. By employing certain strategies, you can reduce your child's anxiety and make it easier for them to see their dentist. Start Dental Visits ASAP When your little one's teeth start growing, you need to begin planning dental visits.
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The Six Most Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Posted on: 10 September 2021

On average, dentures last up to ten years. However, if you are careless with your dentures, they can break in a number of different ways. Going without your dentures while your denturist repairs them will leave you without the ability to chew food, smile confidently and speak clearly. To ensure that your dentures don't break prematurely, avoid the following common denture situations. 1. Dropping dentures while cleaning them Many people clean their dentures over the sink.
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