• A Guide to Denture Repairs

    Dentures are made of delicate materials, especially the pink plastic base that forms the attachment point for artificial teeth. If not handled carefully, it can easily crack or break, rendering it unsafe for use. If you wear a damaged denture, you are risking injury to the soft tissue in your mouth. Here are important things to note about denture repair. How Do Dentures Get Damaged? Dentures can get damaged in many ways:
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  • Crucial Considerations Before the Placement of Invisalign

    Poorly positioned teeth can trigger different challenges in an individual's life. For instance, some people exhibit low self-esteem that affects their ability to interact with others. Other patients might be ridiculed by their peers, especially school-going children. However, this should not be the case with the availability of corrective dental procedures. Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic technique used to correct malpositioned teeth, and it usually relies on plastic braces to realign the affected dental part.
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  • Can Invisalign Braces Help You Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

    If you grind your teeth, then you might be worried that Invisalign braces aren't for you. You worry that your habit will damage the trays you wear. However, in some cases, an Invisalign treatment actually helps people who grind their teeth. How does this work? You Notice Stress Grinding While some people only grind their teeth at night, some do it during the day. This is sometimes a stress habit. If you're anxious or worried, you may grind your teeth without even realising what is going on.
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