Can Invisalign Braces Help You Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

Posted on: 13 May 2020

If you grind your teeth, then you might be worried that Invisalign braces aren't for you. You worry that your habit will damage the trays you wear. However, in some cases, an Invisalign treatment actually helps people who grind their teeth. How does this work?

You Notice Stress Grinding

While some people only grind their teeth at night, some do it during the day. This is sometimes a stress habit. If you're anxious or worried, you may grind your teeth without even realising what is going on.

If you wear Invisalign trays, then this stress habit becomes much more noticeable to you. You will feel the trays moving against each other whenever you grind. This flag might be enough to help you kick the habit and find another way to manage your stress.

You Get Night-Time Relief

If you grind your teeth when you sleep, then you may suffer for it during the day. You may not get a great night's sleep, and your teeth and jaw may ache or feel tender. Plus, your teeth may start to show signs of damage. During an Invisalign treatment, you wear your plastic trays all night when you sleep. These trays can act like an anti-grinding mouthguard. They prevent your teeth from grinding together as they cover their surfaces.

In itself, this won't stop your grinding but it may make it less of an issue. The trays give you some cushioning and protect your teeth. Things may get more comfortable for you. You also don't necessarily have to worry about damaging the trays as you switch them every couple of weeks. This isn't usually enough time for grinding to cause any damage, and the trays are strong and sturdy.

Your Teeth Align Better

If you're considering wearing Invisalign braces, then you probably have some issue with alignment on some or all of your teeth. The braces correct these defects. At the moment, your grinding may be worse because your teeth don't fit together perfectly. However, as your teeth move into their correct positions or become straighter during your treatment, you may find that your grinding habit dies down and becomes less of a problem.

While Invisalign braces help some teeth grinders, you do need to talk to your dentist about this problem before you sign up for treatment. They can help you assess whether this is a good option to take right now. Reach out to your orthodontist if you have any questions about Invisalign braces.