Crucial Considerations Before the Placement of Invisalign

Posted on: 11 August 2020

Poorly positioned teeth can trigger different challenges in an individual's life. For instance, some people exhibit low self-esteem that affects their ability to interact with others. Other patients might be ridiculed by their peers, especially school-going children. However, this should not be the case with the availability of corrective dental procedures. Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic technique used to correct malpositioned teeth, and it usually relies on plastic braces to realign the affected dental part. Before getting Invisalign, you need to familiarize yourself with certain aspects to achieve the desired outcome.


While the Invisalign procedure is effective, the desired outcome depends on a patient. For better results, you should be committed to the treatment plan and wear the device as stipulated. Patients that wear the aligner for the specified number of hours per day, usually 22, stand a good chance of having their malpositioned teeth rectified. It is recommended that you align the wearing of Invisalign with your daily activities since the gadget has some temporary side-effects, such as slurred speech. Ideally, develop a schedule with the help of an orthodontist and stick to it since consistency is key to successful treatment.


Invisalign devices are prone to stains that discolour teeth in the absence of thorough dental cleaning. Since an Invisalign tray is made from clear plastic, stained teeth might look unpleasant; therefore, comprehensive dental hygiene is mandatory when undergoing treatment. For example, you should avoid beverages like coffee that might affect the colour of teeth since the attachments used to hold Invisalign tend to trap food and drink particles along the edges. It is better to drink water only while wearing Invisalign to avoid staining your teeth. However, you can still enjoy your favourite drink, but make sure that the teeth are properly cleaned to remove any unwanted stains before you place the Invisalign back.

Scan or Impression

While having Invisalign fitted, you have two choices: scan and impression. Before undergoing an Invisalign procedure, establish which methods are available and engage an orthodontist regarding the pros and cons of each technique. Notably, scans are more accurate and fit better; however, they have a slower turnaround time. The downside with scans is that they are pricey in most instances. Though manual impressions will do, they are less accurate and are not effective in addressing complex orthodontic cases. Thankfully, impressions are affordable and within the reach of most people. Nonetheless, you should insist on scanned impressions during the development of Invisalign trays if you want the perfect smile.