Need Dentures? Why You Should Choose Acrylic Over Metal

Posted on: 9 March 2016

If you are in need of dentures, your dentist will inform you that there are two major options to choose between. These are acrylic dentures which are made from plastic and metallic dentures which are mostly made of cobalt. Some metallic dentures are also made of gold. You will therefore have to choose between the two materials. If you are torn between the two and don't know which to choose, this article will show you why you should go with acrylic. Read on to see why.


Dentures are never permanent. As time unfolds, you will find that you will need to have your dentures adjusted in one way or another to accommodate more lost teeth, changes in your jaw structure, and so forth. Because of its rigidity, metal dentures are harder to manipulate in this way. They take longer and cost more to alter. Acrylic dentures, on the other hand, are easily adjusted to fit any desired change, even the slightest ones.


When it comes to comfort, acrylic dentures are soft as compared to the hard cold metal. They therefore feel more natural when worn. In addition to that, acrylic dentures are rubbery and flexible, something that allows them to fit snugly around the pallet and teeth. This keeps them from falling off or moving around the gums when eating or talking.


Being plastic, acrylic dentures beat metal dentures when it comes to costs as well. They are cheaper to buy the very first time. They are also cost-friendlier when it comes to making repairs or when you need them adjusted to cover the gums more, or in any other way. That's because it's easier to fuse plastic than it is to do the same to metal.


When worn, acrylic dentures are harder to spot. Featuring a pinkish colour, it is hard for one to distinguish them from natural gums. You can therefore wear acrylic dentures in public without attracting curious stares. Metallic dentures, however, are quite noticeable as they have a silver colour and will sometimes reflect light. One, therefore, cannot wear metal dentures without them being noticed.

The one area where metal dentures beat acrylic dentures is durability. Metal dentures do not get damaged easily, even when they fall to the ground. They last longer and you get to save on repairs and replacements. That said, you can also seek to get dentures made of both metal and acrylic (fused dentures), with combinations like metal framework with acrylic gums .This way, you can enjoy the benefits of both materials.