The Various Uses of Dental Crowns

Posted on: 19 October 2016

In some cases of tooth repair, the best form of treatment to consider would be the placement of dental crowns. These dental crowns are made from an array of materials with the most popular being porcelain. Nevertheless, you can also have your dental crowns made from gold alloys, silver alloys and even composite materials. Tooth restorations through the use of dental crowns work to provide optimal functionality to the tooth while also enhancing the appearance of the tooth. Below are some of the various uses of dental crowns.

Dental crowns address advanced tooth decay

Typically when you have tooth decay, the dentist will extract the decay and use a filling to cover the cavity. This is well and good for minor tooth decay; however, in the event that you have developed advanced tooth decay, the extraction of the decayed matter can leave a significantly mangled tooth. In this instance, you may be better off opting to have a dental crown placed on your tooth rather than simply filling in the cavity. This not only restores the appearance of the tooth, but it also ensures that your tooth regains functionality as its structure would be restored.

Dental crowns conclude root canal therapy

Severe infection of a tooth will lead to root canal therapy. This procedure involves the extraction of the pulp in your tooth in an attempt to eliminate any traces of the infection. It is also a preferred procedure for individuals who would like to prevent tooth loss due to an infection in their tooth. Once root canal therapy is carried out, you will find that a considerable portion of you tooth will be missing. To camouflage this, you could consider the placement of a dental crown to restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

Dental crowns will secure a dental bridge

Having to contend with tooth loss is something most people will find hard to deal with, though tooth loss is not simply about your smile changing. If you have lost multiple teeth, you stand the risk of suffering from other complications such as difficulty in chewing food, changes in your speech patterns and even the gradual changing of your facial structure due to bone loss in your jaw. This is why it would be prudent to seek tooth replacement.

One of the more affordable ways to replace missing teeth is through the use of a dental bridge. Dental crowns are essential for this procedure as they are used to anchor the dental bridge onto healthy teeth. Once the procedure is complete, you can rest assured that your smile has been restored.