Common Mistakes Made With Dentures

Posted on: 7 December 2016

When you are a new denture wearer, there are quite a few changes to become accustomed to. From taking care of your dentures to actually wearing them, it is important to give yourself time to adjust to them properly. It is equally important that you avoid the following mistakes, as they can have a negative effect on your dentures and your oral health.

No Longer Worrying About Oral Health

Just because you are wearing dentures, whether you have partial or full dentures, doesn't mean your oral health is no longer important. Your gums still need to be properly cared for and there is more to your oral health than just your teeth. To start with, you need to continue brushing, though this time you will brush the dentures. You should also continue brushing your gums and tongue twice a day just like you did when brushing your teeth. Also be sure you are continuing to see the dentist just as often so they can give you a dental exam and look at the condition of your dentures.

Not Storing the Dentures Properly

When you aren't wearing your dentures, you need to store them in their dentures case. A common mistake is failing to store them in a safe and secure location. The dentures must be stored in a case with a lid that closes, as this keeps dirt from affecting them. You should also be cleaning the dentures before putting them away for the night and never rinse or store them in hot water. The hot temperature can actually start to erode the dentures, requiring a replacement much sooner than originally intended. Make sure you never place the dentures on a paper towel as they can stick to it.

Assuming They Don't Fit Right

While you should let your dentist know if you have been wearing your dentures for a while and the fit seems off, don't call them immediately after getting them. You need to give them some time to become comfortable. Dentures sometimes feel loose in the beginning or your gums are a little sore. This is usually normal, so give it a little while before you assume the fit isn't quite right.

Not Worrying About Staining

Dentures can stain just like your regular teeth, so don't eat and drink whatever you want assuming they won't stain. Coffee, tea, dark berries, and red wine will stain dentures just like natural teeth, so if you have these foods or drinks, rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

Contact a denture clinic for more information on denture care.