When Is It a Good Idea to Reschedule Your Dental Appointment?

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Regular dentist appointments are a key part of maintaining good dental health, and it's recommended that you have a check-up at least twice every year. Because of this, it's important to stick to your appointments once they're made, as people often forget to schedule a new one if they don't attend the first time round.

With that said, there are some times when visiting a dentist isn't a good idea, and you should call to cancel. Knowing when it is and isn't appropriate to go isn't always clear, however, so here are some common situations where you might be unsure.

During pregnancy

Many people believe you shouldn't go to the dentist while pregnant, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Not only is it still fine to attend your dental appointments, it's highly recommended.

Pregnant women are sometimes at a higher risk of developing certain dental problems, including gum disease. This is due to the hormonal changes the body is going through, and it means it's extremely important to carry on with your normal dental checks to make sure everything is clean and healthy.

With a cold

You might instinctively feel that you should cancel a dentist appointment if you have a cold, but this isn't necessarily the case. As long as you feel up to it, you should still go along, as dentists can and do examine patients who have colds.

The main thing to remember is that, if you're having any breathing difficulty or have developed a bad cough, it might make the examination hard to perform. As long as your dentist knows you're unwell, however, they can usually accommodate you.

If you really don't feel well enough to go, it's okay to cancel but make sure you let the dentist office know as soon as you can.

With a sickness bug

If you're experiencing nausea and maybe even vomiting, it's probably not a good idea to go to your dentist appointment. In this instance, it's best to wait until you feel better and make a new appointment; just let the dentist know you won't be turning up.

When you have a cold sore

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus and are contagious. Because of this, your dentist might prefer you to reschedule your appointment after it's cleared up. Not all dentists mind, though, so call up and ask what your dentist thinks so you can make a decision.