Need a Smile Makeover But Don't Know Where to Start?

Posted on: 12 March 2018

Your smile is a vital facial feature that makes you look friendly, so other people can easily approach you and start a conservation. If you're unhappy about your smile or the appearance of your teeth, you will require cosmetic dental treatment to fix the problem. The all-important question to ask yourself is: where do you start? Here is a breakdown of what to do to regain your confidence to smile every day. 

Schedule a consultation with an accredited dentist

The first and most important step to take before undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure is to book a consultation with a certified dentist. Having a consultation with the dentist will provide an opportunity to discuss your dental issues, the treatment options available to you and any concerns you may have. This way, your dentist will be better-placed to determine the best treatment option available to match your personal needs and budget. What is more, you will have a better idea of what to expect during and after treatment. This can help reduce dental anxiety. 

When it comes to consulting a cosmetic dentist, you are free to see as many dentists as you like. Some dentists offer free consultations while others charge a small fee for their time. The important thing is to find a dentist that understands your needs and offers a solution you are comfortable with. 

Explore payment plans available to you

As you discuss the various treatment options available with your dentist during a consultation, you should ask them to provide you with a quote dictating how much the treatments cost. This way, you will know your treatment bills up-front so you can select a payment option that suits your budget. Some cosmetic dental treatments may be covered by your health insurance plan while others may not be covered and will need to be paid for out-of-pocket. 

Small bills can be easily settled as a lump sum, even if they are to be paid out-of-pocket. But if the treatment required is too pricey and isn't covered by your health insurance provider, ask your dentist if they can let you settle your bill in installments that won't hurt your wallet.

Thankfully, all certified dentists who practice in Australia are trained in the field of cosmetic dentistry, so you can see any one of them to discuss your cosmetic dental needs. Keep in mind that you may require a combination of treatments to achieve the desired results.