Acting the Part With Braces: How Braces Might Affect Your Acting Career

Posted on: 13 April 2018

Are you worried that getting braces might affect your chances of landing an acting role? Well, you shouldn't be. Braces can actually have a positive effect on your career as an actor. Moreover, if you are worried about your appearance, there are several less noticeable alternatives to traditional braces.

In the long term—and in some ways—the short term, braces will benefit your career as an actor.

Some Roles Require Braces

It is true that you may miss out on some roles because your braces don't quite fit the required image. However, the opposite is also true. Take the actor Eden Cher, for example. When auditioning for the part of Sue Heck in ABC's comedy, The Middle, she wore a set of prop braces.

The braces helped her to win the role, and her character wouldn't be the same without them. Therefore, don't see your braces as a burden to your acting career, see them as a unique opportunity. You'll be able to land roles that you would not otherwise have had a chance of getting.  

Your Experience Will be Valuable

Once your braces come off, their influence on your career will not end there. For one thing, your teeth will now be more beautiful than they once were. Obviously, this will increase your chances of landing acting roles that require an attractive smile.

Then there is the positive impact that your experience of having worn braces will have on your career. For instance, if an attractive role comes up in future, one that requires the actor to wear braces, you'll have an advantage over those with no prior experience. You know how they feel and how to speak and sing in them. That is a unique skill, and one that Eden Cher was also lucky enough to have.

You Can Opt for Less Visible Braces

Lastly, your options are not limited to traditional braces. There are some invisible options too, such as Invisalign, which allows you to remove your clear aligners for 2-4 hours day. Ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal braces with the main difference being that they employ clear brackets and wires and so are less visible.

If you only need to straighten your front teeth, then lingual braces, which attach to the backs of your teeth, are ideal. Each of these options is much less noticeable than traditional metal braces. However, remember too that braces don't have to hinder your career. In fact, they could very well be the factor that lands you your dream role. For more information, contact establishments like Melrose Dental.